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Immersion Dye Kit - Organic Merino Yarn - Cochineal Pink

Immersion Dye Kit - Organic Merino Yarn - Cochineal Pink

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Create your own naturally dyed yarn! This kit features a potent dye extract from a dried scale insect called Cochineal. Cochineal dye is nature's hot pink! These insects live on Prickly Pear Cactus paddles and has a long history as a natural dye. You may also encounter cochineal in make-up or food where it goes by the name Carmine. The color is a clear and bright pink and has good colorfastness.

This limited edition kit invites you to enjoy the magic that happens when wool fibers are immersed in a rich, natural dye bath. You will learn how take your yarn through each step in the process, from scouring to mordanting to creating a dye bath and dyeing. The easy to follow instructions make this kit is a great introduction to naturally dyeing yarn.

Each kit is packaged in a cotton drawstring bag and includes: 

  • 100 gr/218 yds skein of undyed 4 ply worsted weight Organic Merino yarn
  • alum mordant
  • dye
  • tyvek band to keep your yarn tidy throughout the process
  • printed step by step instructions

To do the dye work, you will need:

  • Small pot
  • Tongs or spoon
  • Dish soap
  • Thermometer (optional)
  • Rubber gloves (optional)

Safety note: Equipment used for dyeing should not be used for food preparation.

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