Small batch natural dye studio featuring yarn, spinning fiber, dye kits, and textiles in collaboration with regional shepherds and mills. Utilizing locally grown, foraged, and responsibly sourced natural dyes.

  • About

    Trinity Muller is the natural dyer, owner, and fiber enthusiast behind Petal & Hank. Trinity is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota where winters provide time to spin and knit woolens and summers provide plentiful foraging and gardening opportunities. Petal & Hank offers limited edition kits, one of a kind items, and small batch releases.

  • Carding

    Petal & Hank's batts are a labor of love. Starting with raw fleeces, the process includes skirting, scouring, mordanting, dyeing, washing, picking, and carding. These batts are truly hand processed and small batch. From single breeds to blends, solid colors to gradients, each batt has remarkable loft and consistent texture after it passes through the triple drum electric carder.

  • Dyes

    Many of the dye flowers used at Petal & Hank are grown by Maddy Bartsch of Salt of the North Dyes. Additional dyestuff is grown in the Petal & Hank dye garden, foraged, gleaned from produce farms, and sourced from responsible natural dye companies.

  • Sourcing

    The fibers and yarns that make up Petal & Hank's offerings are a combination of midwestern US sourced fiber farm fleeces, breed-specific farm yarns, and curated commercial yarn bases that meet our high standards. Cotton and silk finished goods are made from 100% natural fibers and are organic whenever possible.

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