Providing thoughtful makers with naturally dyed goods and supplies.

  • About

    Trinity Muller, the Minneapolis based natural dyer behind Petal & Hank, uses homegrown, foraged, and food waste dyes alongside traditional dyes from around the world to transform cotton, silk, wool, and other natural fibers. Trinity also sources raw fleeces from small fiber farms and processes them into carded batts, roving, and washed fiber packs for spinners.

  • Sourcing

    The fibers and yarns that make up Petal & Hank's offerings are a combination of US sourced fiber farm fleeces, breed-specific farm yarns, and curated commercial yarn bases that meet our high standards. As a member of the Three Rivers Fibershed, Petal & Hank often collaborates with regional shepherds and fiber mills. Cotton and silk goods are made from natural fibers and are organic whenever possible.

  • Dyes

    Great care is taken in the dye selection, mordanting, and dye processes, to provide lasting color and beauty. Natural dyes respond to the sun, friction, changes in pH (like citrus or harsh soaps), and more. Colors may lighten, darken, or shift over time and some color transfer may occur initially. Recommended care includes storing items out of the sun and washing with cool water and a gentle pH neutral soap.

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