What does naturally dyed mean? 

Naturally dyed means using dyes that are based in nature and are often locally sourced or homegrown. Dye sources include flowers, bark, leaves, roots, nuts, wood chips, dried insects, and skins/peels. Dyes are used in whole form or as extracts. No synthetic dyes are used in natural dyeing.

Natural dyeing is a slow, multi-step, hands-on process that is quite labor and time intensive. The dye colors must be extracted through a steeping process or a fermentation process. Before any color is applied, the fibers, cloth, or yarn are prepared for dyeing through a multi-step process including scouring (cleaning) and mordanting (applying a version of alum). For cotton goods, a tannin pre-soak or a wheat bran or chalk rinse is used as part of the mordanting process. These steps taken before dyeing are crucial to the process. Proper preparation ensures the dyes adhere and the color is properly affixed to the fibers.

Petal & Hank dye processes include immersion dyeing and bundle-dyeing. Unique colors are often created by blending and/or layering dyes. Modifiers like iron are used sparingly.


What kind of dyes do you use?

Natural dyes are often made from whole dyestuff like flowers, bark, leaves, roots, nuts, wood chips, dried insects, and skins/peels. Natural dye liquid and powdered extracts are also used to enhance the color range and availability beyond what can be grown in the midwestern US.

Many of the dyes I use are grown in the Petal & Hank urban dye garden, foraged, gleaned from produce farms, and sourced from responsible natural dye companies like Maiwa, Botanical Colors, and local growers.


Where do your yarns, fabrics, and fibers come from?

A lot of thought and care has been given to the sourcing of my fleeces, bases, and blanks.

The fibers and yarns that make up Petal & Hank's offerings are a combination of US sourced fiber farm fleeces, breed-specific farm yarns, and curated commercial yarn bases that meet my high standards. 

All yarns and fibers are non-superwash with the exception of the mending/embroidery yarn.

Cotton and silk finished goods are made from 100% natural fibers and are organic whenever possible.


How should I care for my naturally dyed goods? Will the colors fade?

Dyes used in Petal & Hank goods are selected for their reputation as relatively light and color fast, but buyers should note that naturally dyed goods are known to evolve over time. Naturally dyed items can fade or darken over time and are best embraced as living colors that evolve. 

There are a few things you can do to prolong the life of the colors. Store your naturally dyed items out of the sun as UV rays can hasten fading. When washing, you can use any pH neutral, gentle soap that you would like to use, however soaps that include whiteners, bleach or brighteners should be avoided. Soaps that are not pH neutral can cause some colors to shift.

All Petal & Hank goods are washed and rinsed after they are dyed. The first few times you wash your naturally dyed items, you may see a slight tint to the water. Some dyes like indigo and madder may transfer color to your hands as you work with the yarn or fiber. This should not impact the color of your items.

The item I want is out of stock. Will you be restocking it? Do you take custom orders?

As a small dye studio with small batch production and one of a kind products, restocks are rare.

If there is something you want that is unavailable, a custom order might be an option. Let’s talk! You can reach me by using our contact page.


Are you interested in collaborations?

For sure! Collaborations are so much fun and are at the root of how Petal & Hank came to be. Let me know what you have in mind by emailing through my contact page.


How can I find out when new products are released?

New items are added to the website regularly, so you can always check back here. Signing up for my mailing list is a good option, too! Follow Petal & Hank on Instagram for news about upcoming and current releases and in person events. 


What countries do you sell/ship to?

I am currently selling and shipping to the United States and Canada. Prices on the site can be toggled to show USD or CAD.


What are your shipping fees and carriers?

All packages are shipped via USPS.

Shipping fees are calculated at checkout and factor in the weight of the products being purchased as well as the destination. Packaging has been carefully selected to be as light as possible, reducing your shipping costs and the carbon footprint of the shipping.


What is the turnaround time for orders?

Orders are packed and shipped at least twice a week. You will have an option to choose your shipping speed during the checkout process. If you need a quicker turnaround time, please reach out using my contact page.


What is your return/exchange policy? What if I have an issue with my order?

I want you to be happy with your purchase. Your enjoyment of my dyed goods is the entire reason I have a shop! If something is not right, please let me know right away by using my contact page.

Returns and exchanges must be pre-approved and must be initiated within 7 days of receiving the package. Products must be returned in new condition. Return shipping is paid by the buyer unless the cause of the issue was the fault of Petal & Hank.

Petal & Hank is not responsible for items lost or damaged in shipping. All items are shipped via USPS, so you can contact USPS if you have issues with the delivery or tracking of your order.

Please note that colors are difficult to convey properly online. I do my best to accurately photograph colors, but items may be slightly different in person (often better!).